Rice Plumbing Pty Ltd


Rice Plumbing Pty Ltd offers a variety of services ranging from basic draining clean, renovations, additions and water reuse, including

rain water harvesting. 

Since 1976, we have provided the highest quality of service to our customers across the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide. We are diversified in our skills with a strong focus on eco-smart plumbing solutions. Our team includes members highly skilled in the
following areas:

  1. New homes and renovations

  2. Eco-smartplumbing

  3. Commercial plumbing and maintenance work

  4. Property maintenance plumbing


Welcome to Rice Plumbing

Rice Plumbing has the experience and skills to assist you to meet your plumbing requirements and to enhance your property with
eco-smart solutions for the future.

Contact Rice Plumbing

Operations Manager
Michael Rice 0415 823 348
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Administration Manager
Jennifer Rice 0407 229 074
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Postal Address
PO Box 556 Virginia, SA 5120
08 8380 9822mailto:michael@riceplumbing.com.au?subject=Plumbing%20enquirymailto:jennifer@riceplumbing.com.au?subject=enquirymailto:michael@riceplumbing.com.au?subject=enquiryshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

Rice Plumbing Pty Ltd has been a member of the Plumbing Industry Association of South Australia for over 30 years. Michael Rice actively participates in PIASA to encourage the growth and development of the plumbing industry.

Michael Rice with Sally